Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tennessee Trip

If you ever need some excitement, just load up the kids and travel for 14 hours straight. Make sure you go through Toronto during rush hour for a few extra special moments. That's what we did! But it was all worth it to visit my brother and his family this past week.

We had such a blast. Here are a few of the highlights:
- The little girl puked in the car about four hours into our trip on the way there. We stopped at Tim Horton's (which are notorious for not having diaper changing stations), stripped her down and reapplied fresh clothing.
- sweet nieces and nephew!
- Thursday picnic at the Cove park. Fun and cold.
- cheesecake and blueberries (need I say more?)
- Clay is outta there!
- Mr. Gabby's pizza buffet
- shopping
- double date and P.F. Chang's
- great conversation
- the new building!!!
- runny dutch letters :)

Thanks guys, it was so much fun!

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Dennis said...

It certainly was FUN!!!