Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we had the privilege of going to a wedding up near South River. We stayed at our friends David and Sandy's cabin overnight. What an experience! The cabin is on an island in the middle of a lake- far away from civilization. The island doesn't have any electricity or modern amenities, but it sure has character! :)

We arrived late on Friday night. I'll never forget the sight that greeted us- a torch-lit walkway and candles and lanterns everywhere. It was so beautiful and quaint. Sandy had baked muffins for us to enjoy that evening.

The next morning we had a little tour of the island. It is owned by David's father, and there are four cabins on it. Apparently David's parents honeymooned there, and liked it so much they bought the island!

Breakfast was bacon and pancakes baked over the open stone grill beside the cabin. Lunch was trout freshly caught in the lake that morning! What an experience! After breakfast Dennis and I relaxed in rope chairs down by the water. It was so peaceful and made me think of the Lord, Who packed all this beauty in a little island off the beaten path.

A huge thank you to David and Sandy for their warm hospitality!

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KT said...

Wow! That would be an amazing time - an island in a lake! Sounds great! BTW: Thanks for the Val's Gift Card! Eric picked the buffet for his birthday and we stuffed our faces! :) Thanks for being such GREAT guests!