Monday, September 04, 2006

More nurturing. She held her dolly like that for an entire Veggie Tales video. The animals on the back of her chair are very special- they are her bed buddies and rarely get to see the light of day.


Desiree said...

OOHHH! This really takes me back with the dollies, the chair, and the hair! It reminds me of Bailey. This is such a cute age...esp. in memories! :)) One of my giddy enjoyments in life is messy kid hair!!! XOXO Too sweet!

Anonymous said...

i read your profile ;) but I knew all ready :)
love ya, have a great day :) Patti

Anonymous said...

Hey walking buddy,
Congratulations...I read the profile!:) When is the due date? I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of your adorable girls!
HOpe all is well