Saturday, October 28, 2006

Runzas, and why won't my dough rise?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I'm making Runzas. I'm rubbing my hands together in eager anticipation. We are going to eat tooonight! This delightful little creation has its exclusive origins in the beautiful state of Nebraska. I have never eaten a Runza outside of Nebraska- I'm wondering if lightening will strike me dead because I'm going to.

The dough (which is taking forever to rise and may be a abject failure)

The filling (hamburger, cabbage, onion, salt and pepper)

Absolutely delightful!!!


KT said...

Mmmm! Looks GOOD! I won't tell you if your post actually makes me run out and buy a real Runza (because I could!) :) but it looks like yours could definately pass for the real thing! Bringing NE to CAN! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, those look so good. :( We don't have runzas down here either!! How did they taste?

Valerie said...

They tasted sooo good! Dennis and I both agreed that they were pretty authentic. Definitly a recipe I'll do again.

The recipe made quite a few, so I wrapped them individually and froze them. We take them out when we need a quick meal and zap them for a minute or two. Yum!

Anonymous said...

you might as well just post the recipe the way everyone is asking about them ;)

Anonymous said...

These look really really good! They have a stuffed pastry down here called a kolache which is similar. They put jalepenos, cheese and spicy ham in it. But it's not as good as a runza.