Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Recent Pics

Help, somebody, help! My little girl has a mullet. How on earth do I cut this wispy blonde mop?

The girls hanging out.

This is my personal favorite! I've been reluctant to move the baby out of her bassinet because it is so convenient. I can take it to church, to a babysitter's place, and we can put her to bed in our bedroom and move her out of our room when we go to bed. I see these days are numbered... not only is she touching on both ends now, but recently she's been sitting up and playing with her blankets instead of sleeping, silly little rascal!


Anonymous said...

hi, Val,
was thinking about the hair cut issue... I was really grateful we took JaJa to a professional for her first major haircut she (the pro)made good suggestions... even made me change my mind (not an easy feat) on what I thought I wanted after showing me how what I wanted would turn out...icky... Maybe you can find some place like Sabrina had that charges according to the child's age so Squeaky's would be only $2. Not a bad price for a good cut and hopefully some good advice. OR>>> there's always Gramma ;)

RB said...

hey Sarah and matt now have a blogs....

Sarah's is:

Matts is: