Sunday, November 12, 2006

Squeaky got her first official hair cut this morning! She was really good and sat really still, but by the time I took the last picture she was giving me her crooked, "I'll smile because I have to, not because I want to..." smile. Isn't she cute?!? Don't mind me, if I don't say that, who will? :)


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen a cuter haircut since the one my little girl got after she got ketsup stuck in her hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Squeakie you are really cute - love those "smiles". J n Wpg.

Anonymous said...

yup, looks cute :) "Hi Eh-L" love Jaja and Aunt Patti
Hey, L looks like you went to the place that gives you a lollypop after the torture... did you get one? Jaja

Valerie said...

Jaja, I didn't get a lollypop. I got a certificate saying that I got my first hair cut and they taped a piece of my hair on it. And mommy was happy because they didn't charge her for anything!