Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Decorating Time!

Yesterday was our official decorate for Christmas day at our house. But when we pulled out our Christmas lights, we discovered that one set doesn't work anymore. We are down to one measly string of lights now. We used to have 4 or 5 sets kicking around, so I'm not sure what has happened to our supply.

Anyway, we strung the one set of lights around the bottom front of the tree. It looks really sad and pathetic, but Squeaky's comment was, "oooooo! Pretty tree! Pretty lights!!!" Obviously two year olds don't care too much about 24 lopsided lights on the bottom of the tree. We will invest in another string of lights before we put the ornaments on the tree.

One interesting tidbit of info: we have learned that Button is afraid of trees, garlands, and other fake, fuzzy, dark green foliage. That's right, when Daddy held her next to the Christmas tree so that I could get a picture of her first Christmas tree she burst into tears. She proceeded to cry every time a garland or tree had the audacity to come within two feet of her. So sad.

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Anonymous said...

Do you need your bear, mouse and bunny families? I want to start decorating. I need to haul the boxes up and put on the Uncle Charlie tape, and stuff my pockets with a few kleen-x. (I guess we have Puffs) Help me decide--Do I want our "larger" Ontario pine made in China decorated with new decorations that I bought and sitting on the end table by the couch, or the 3 skinny pine trees and the white lights and the wax snowmen sitting on the bookcase in the corner. Neither place has a great space for presents, so if we open here, we may have to put them out at the time we plan to open. What are your suggestions? Mom

Valerie said...

Mom, I'd really like to see the Ontario pine made in China with the new ornaments. :) Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Val - we started decorating yesterday too! Great minds think alike! :) Hopefully we'll be able to finish today - and our "youngest" is also afraid of the tree! :) Although, it's probably better for us - she completely steers clear - the tree should remain upright for the season! :) Have a great time finishing the tree! (I should send you some lights - we ended up with extras for some reason!) :) KT

Anonymous said...

What's up with the *really* long comments!?-Bailey:)