Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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Well, our Christmas hiatus is over. Dennis went back to work today, and I am facing piles of unpacked luggage and laundry!

Our Christmas vacation was eventful. We had our own little family Christmas on Sat, Dec. 16th.
This was Button's first Christmas. She wore the special Christmas jammies that her aunt made for Squeaky. Here the girls are opening their stockings.

On Sunday the 17th we left for Nebraska. It takes two days to get there. The girls did really well on the way down. Squeaky is notorious for getting car sick, and she didn't get sick at all thanks to the Gravol. It was so great to see my parents and family. The second day we were there Squeaky came down with a brutal 72 hour stomach bug. Dennis, Button and I also got sick but for shorter amounts of time. My Dad got the stomach bug and a high fever and because of his fragile health had to spend three days in the hospital. He came home on Christmas Day afternoon.

Let me tell you, I really struggled with my attitude and spent a lot of time confessing my sin to the Lord. He graciously healed us and allowed us to have three good days together as a whole extended family.

This was the first time Squeaky ever played a board game. She is getting started early- as most of you likely know Dennis and I are big game fans. Squeaky won. :)

We drove back on the 26th and 27th. This time the girls weren't in the best of humor and Squeaky did get car sick. Actually, she got sick at lunch at KFC. We stopped at Wal-Mart and purchased all the hookie motion sickness remedies we could find. We outfitted that poor little girl in acupunture wrist bands, smeared aromatherapy oils behind her ears and popped gravol in her mouth. All that and the constant viewing of DVDs from 5pm to 9pm ensured that she did not get sick again.

We headed up to Bancroft on the evening of the 28th. We had a great time with Dennis' family up there. The girls wandered around in a tired fog but had a great time playing with their little cousins.

I'll post a few more pictures another way- the upload feature is backfiring on here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice that Squeaky is learning to play games with her young lookin' Grandma. Aunt J.