Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Great Outdoors

With all this beautiful melty weather I just had to let Squeaky play outside yesterday. Aunt Bee is visiting this week, so the two of them spent at least an hour out there. They made two boy snowmen and one girl snowman- all of the snowmen were mentioned at least three times when Squeaky prayed at supper as were the two robins we saw hopping around the backyard.

Button is spending a lot of time upright. She stood up all by herself in the middle of the floor yesterday for a few moments.

This is a sampling of Squeaky's artwork. Everyday she starts adding more detail to her little people. She also draws a lot of her people from the side (you have to turn it to see it) which I think is a little weird but maybe to her artiste eye provides perspective or something.


Anonymous said...

Lael, I like your snow boys and snow girl. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with aunt Bee. I am so glad she can bee with you. :) Aria will be walking before you know it. Trust you'll have a great day and we're praying for a good report on Lael at her Dr. appointment. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

So you still have a little snow - I think that Squeaky did very well with her snow kids - of course we better give Aunt Bee a little credit also - hooray to both builders. Two snowboys - is that a disguised wish for a brother?

Winter returned to Wpg. yesterday with quite a fall in temps. and this morning we got a little flurry of snow that whitens things up again.

Interesting that Squeaky likes to draw sideways - might come in handy one day.

We have a text painted by a brother in the Lord who lived near Uncle Jim's ( the bro. is long since moved on to glory) that was painted half upside down because Bert had such short arms. Maybe you've heard about him before.

Love, A. Jean

Sarah VE said...

That is some good drawing for a girl her age. You might have a little artist in your midst. Timmy still draws his people with square heads with just arms and legs attached. He sure lives in his own little world that is for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Jajs draws people sideways sometimes too. L's are very good for her age!!! Lots of detail :)
Love to all of you Aunt Patti

Anonymous said...

has she shown you any of her pictures with eyebrows and ears and bodies that the arms and legs come off of and hair yet? she drew one of these for me on saturday and I was in shock she just kept adding more and more to it!!
Aunt Bee