Saturday, March 31, 2007

Playing Outside and Five Random Facts

Squeaky played outside quite a bit this week. It was so great for her to be able to breathe the fresh air and blow off some steam. She is pretty proud of the fact that she can get her little pink boots on all by herself. Her favorite outdoor activities haven't changed much from last summer either- playing with her shovel and bucket in the rocks is still preferred. Fortunately she is less likely to stick her fingers in her mouth after playing in the dirt than she was last summer!

Button enjoys being outside too, but I'm reluctant to let her down on the ground. She reminds me of Pig Pen in Charlie Brown, kicking up dust and dirt everywhere she crawls. She's taken one step or two in the past week so I'm really hoping she gets the hang of this walking thing soon. Then she can join her sister in the rocks! As for now, she is stuck in the stroller with the whistle.

My friend Nicole tagged me to write 5 interesting or unknown facts about myself. Hmm. I just played a game called two truths and a lie the other day so I had lots of opportunity to think of weird little known facts. The following are all true:
1. I punctured a hole in the back of my throat with a coffee stirrer in high school. Yes, it was as painful as it sounds. I was bouncing a volleyball off a concrete wall, and well.... not too smart.
2. My relative sold his teenage daughter to an Indian (uh, Native American) for two ponies.
3. I can fit 23 large size marshmallows in my mouth at once. I'm from the era when playing "chubby bunny" wasn't illegal.
4. I sucked my thumb until I was 7. Gross. My kids had better not try anything like that.
5. I can remember showing off and knowing it when I was two. This just goes to prove that the "age of accountability" is- in my opinion- much younger than 8 or 10!!! I remember standing on the chair at a table full of kids and waving my spoon around. I was talking or singing at the top of my lungs and feeling pretty guilty for showing off- hoping that my dad or mom didn't walk in at that moment.
Now for fun, I tag Desiree, Sarah, Sabrina and Amy C. :) Come'on, you can do it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
I can remember another one, which you would probably like to forget, like your mother, but even better, you could burp the alphabet. We won't mention the other info. about burping. Just loved to see those little ones this morning. I take it that Cummin or Weston did not arrive this a.m. By the way, last night I heard of someone whose son was named Owen, daughters, Keziah (as one of Job's daughters) and Kailin. Thought you'd enjoyo that. Please don't name your son Oliver. You know how I don't like Oli-names. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Val, Wow, I thought I was pretty early today as I haven't combed my hair or had breakfast yet but I see Mom VE beat me to it. Ha!

Some interesting antedotes about you especially the burping one that your Mom supplied.

We shall see what the others come up with.

Squeaky and Button are looking as cute as ever. Don't give up on Button learning to walk - her 2nd. cousin R. was away past a year old when she learned to walk and by the time she was two and a half she could climb places I didn't really want her to be. Also she turned out to be very athletic. There is hope..... I hope that Button learns soon because it is going to be hard to haul two kids in your arms.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Oh, great. I love these. I'll do mine on my next post. :) Cute little girls! XO

nicole said...

i still suck my thumb. my kids better not. thanks for the facts, i hope spruce, or hill is born soon. if you dont like those names...there is also;

candle, lasgna, hoolio, mars, candy, oh and if your mom doens't like "oli" names...go for liver...there is no "oli" in it;).