Thursday, March 22, 2007

Two Stories for Today

Story #1:
The scene: Squeaky was eating her lunch while I folded some laundry at the table across from her. She looked at me very solemnly and said, "Mommy, you are being naughty. You not eat your food. You not get a treat!" I looked up at her in surprise and she continued in a very small uncertain voice, "You will get a spank."

And a little Button story: She is starting to sing. It is so precious. We had been listening to a music tape from my childhood all morning long a few days ago. We were sitting at the table eating lunch and Button started singing, "Ahhh doo dah dayyyyyyyy" (All Through the Day) out of the blue. This was the first time I noticed her truly singing recognizable words to a recognizable song. Later on that day I heard her singing, "Wing aound a o-sie". One of her favorite activities with her sister and Daddy is playing Ring Around the Rosie.


Anonymous said...

Cute kids! I remember when Bai was about 4 and I had done something that caused her to tell me the gospel. She even illustrated it with hell and little dotted lines that went from the sad face to there... :) (it was funny to see her do that)


Anonymous said...

I am curious what you said to Squeaky when you were accused of sinning by not eating your lunch. Children don't have to be too old to grasp the concepts of right and wrong. It is amazing to watch thier consciences develope. When I took that course on Dealing with Difficult Children, the instructor said that a good part on the conscience is developed in the child's first year. So many of the problems we see in kids today, is that because of certain choices by parents, that development is not done encouraged.
I love to hear about the girls singing. It brings back memories of my little girl and her singing. Precious memories. Love, Mom

marybeary said...

LOL that's the best. It's so funny how the pick up on things. Well Valarie all the best these next couple weeks as you welcome the new little on into your house. :)Lord's Blessings

Anonymous said...

oh fun, I noticed Aria trying to sing in the van with the music but I didn't know what she was saying for sure!! Have a great day!
Aunt Bee

Anonymous said...

Neat stories. It is so preciouse to hear the little ones sing.

Today without being prompted. Toby, sang the first line or two of "Jesus Loves Me" and accompnied himself on the piano ( any old notes will do).

He was here to stay with us all day and gave Oma & Opa a real workout.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

I also see that your husband got a hair cut finally!!

Sabrina said...

Great pic