Monday, June 11, 2007

Back in Business

Question: What does a scrapbooker do without a camera?

Answer: Nothing.

Well, friends, I've been bellyaching around lately because our camera's flash broke. So Dennis and I, being the little consumers that we are, ran out and bought ourselves a new camera. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Did you hear my huge sigh of relief? We were happily able to use several gift cards that we have received and ended up spending only $20.00 out of our pocket for the camera. We figure that the proceeds from our garage sale could cover that.

So, here are a few pictures to get us all caught up! We've had a lot of fun playing outside lately. Dennis' parents gave us a baby swing! The girls love it.

A friend gave us this brand new wagon. It is so nice to plop the older girls in it and go for a walk. Squeaky is often heard asking for a "wagon ride?" these days. Button loves it too, and holds on for dear life with her chubby little hands.
Winnie likes to ride around in the sling or her snugli. Look how chubby she is now! Can you see the little birth mark spot on the top of her head (for those family members who care about that sort of thing and haven't met Winnie yet)? It is a little red spot that people usually mistake for a bug bite.

Squeaky is showing off her new sunglasses. The first picture of the two older girls together was taken at the school playground near our house. Button is walking all over the place now! Hooray! Makes my life a LOT easier.


Jean said...

Great to see the good pictures of the girls. You didn't really need a new camera for outside pics did you? Anyway it is doing a fine job.

Button, you are helping Mom by walking very well - I wonder what happens when you decide to go your own direction? Mom, you might have to do a lttle running soon.

We have this nice camera with over eight hundred pictures on it and I don't know how to get even one transfered to the blog. The technical adviser set up something but made it so complicated I haven't figured it out. I think he has to help me before I patch or mend any more clothes for him.

Can it really be only about 22 more days until we all meet in NE?

A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Caleb and Timmy were right here as we saw your new pictures on your blog. Those were really great pictures of the girls. We are glad that you got a new camera. Well, A. Jean, you're keeping a countdown for us. Matt and Sarah have gone to Omaha this afternoon to take Rachel to the airport. They had a really good time in Sioux Falls. Caleb said they had a very good club there in Morman park. Caleb, Timmy and David were here for lunch, and they took naps. M and S are not back yet. Lilias was glad to see me this morning. Matthew reported on the outreach in Sioux Falls this morning in the 11:00 hour. Love, Til later, Mom

Sabrina said...

Congrats on the new camera. So happy for you guys. We love our wagon, we got ours from a grage sale for $2.00 but find that Solomon would much rather pull Noah in it than sit in it! We also find it so bulky for in the van. We stick with our stroller for parks & picnics!
How has potty training been going? Missin you all
from all of us :)

Valerie said...

Wow- the NE trip is that soon? We're looking forward to it.

A. Jean- our old camera did take pictures outside, but the problem is that Winnie doesn't spend a whole lot of time out there in the sun and many of our picture opportunities are inside or in the shade. Plus, in the three years since we've had our camera technology has leaped ahead. I could tell the difference in the quality of pictures right away when we started using the new one.

Sabrina- potty training is going really well. Squeaky is going like a champ. We are working on her letting me know she needs to go- still a little rusty in that area, esp. when she is busy playing.

I think we will enjoy our wagon in Durham a lot. There will be quite a bit of travelling from one building to another and it will be handy. We also have one of our van seats out to facilitate easy child-loading, so I think the wagon would fit nicely in the side area. It isn't any more bulky than our double stroller folded up, really...

Mom, I'm glad to hear that M & S made it home safely. Do you think Sarah will post about it on her blog?

Anonymous said...

Let's ask her. I do know that the team has published lengthy messages, but I have only gotten them sent to me by others. I thought I sent you one of their newsletters. Did you get it.
Great news about Lael on the potty training. Love to see those pictures--you and Dennis too. You'll have to let Lael try your camera soon. She needs to start scrapbooking. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

B, when I saw Quinn's picture on this blog, I thought, she sure looks like Dennis. I thought Lael looked like him too. I don't remember seeing his baby pictures though. They're all cuties. Pat