Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day, part two

On Friday night Dennis and I went to a baseball game in Toronto to celebrate Father's Day. It is kind of funny that we celebrated without the kids, but Dennis really wanted to see the Nationals playing the Blue Jays and all the games were at terrible times for the kids. Plus, it was great to have a date!!! This was the first time in 11 months that we haven't had a little baby accompanying us (either inside or out)!

The Blue Jays were playing the Nationals, which is Dennis' favorite team. We certainly looked out of place with our Nationals hats! I wore mine because it is cute and pink and because my husband likes the Nationals... ;) But I told Dennis that I feel like I may as well be wearing a sombrero, that is how funny I feel wearing a ball cap.

Afterward we tried snapping some shots of the fountain outside the stadium. Unfortunately, Banana Man jumped in the way.


Anonymous said...

You two look cute. I am glad you had a time together w/o kids. Val, you are valiant for accompanying your husband to somethng you do not even care for.
Love, Mom

Jer said...

Ball caps look good on you, Val. You should wear them more often... it would give you a somewhat false "soccer mom" veneer or something. :)

Valerie said...

Haha, Jerry, can you imagine Lael and Aria playing soccer?!?! LOL

Jean said...

I like the pink ball cap on you, Valerie.

You might be surprized what those two little cirls can or will do. Ha!

I have a picture of Ruth trying to give the soccer ball a good kick in the middle of Plainview Dr. when she was a little younger than Squeaky. Matt is there in the fun also. Ruth is still at it with the soccer ball and recently (last year or so) has also taken up ladies touch football.

Love, A. Jean

Sabrina said...

Awesome Valerie,
I tried to get Ron there, unfortunately I had to work that weekend :( I guess I will just have to take him to Washington :)