Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Week in Nebraska

We're back home again. Our trip to see my family in Nebraska was a lot of fun. Let me tell you about it.
This is a picture of my Mom and Dad meeting Winnie for the first time.

Some moments weren't as exciting, like last Saturday when we had a 4.5 hour wait to get through the last 7 kms at the border in Sarnia. The holiday weekend traffic was awful. We had been sitting there for two hours when poor little Winnie needed to be fed, so we had to pull over do that. I watched a box truck that had been right beside us when we pulled over. It made it about .5 km while I was feeding the baby. So I didn't feel like we had really lost much ground by stopping. By the time we reached the duty free shop the older girls were getting really squirrely and we had to take another break to get them some food and let them blow off some steam. I fed Winnie again and we finally made it over the border. That first night we only made it to Kalamazoo, Michigan instead of past Chicago like we had planned. So Sunday we had to go all the way from Kalamazoo to Lincoln. It was a long haul.

After we finally arrived things were much better! The first few days were spent at Platte River State Park with my extended family. It was great to see all our relatives. Some of my cousins had never met Dennis. We stayed in cabins at the park. There were 13 little kids running all around, and all but two of them were my own or my brothers' kids. The kids played in the water fountain and on a merry-go-round (the old fashioned kind) that was right next to our picnic shelter.

It was quite a hot week so on Tuesday my sister-in-law Sarah and I went swimming in the nice pool during the afternoon. Most everyone went swimming in a nearby lake that evening. For lunch on the 4th of July we all went to the restaurant at the park and had their buffet. The restaurant was right next to a high observation tower. Surprisingly, Squeaky loved the tower and wasn't frightened at all. She climbed up and down in twice right before lunch. Dennis went with her, and I stayed at the bottom with Button and Winnie. I would have liked to go up as well, but I didn't think carrying the girls up was much of an option. :)
All the girls wore their 4th of July outfits! And Dennis wore his Nationals shirt. :)
The rest of the week was spent in Lincoln. We stayed with my parents and had lots of fun with them and with Matthew and Sarah and their kids. On the 4th of July we all set off fireworks. A few days the kids went swimming in the kiddie pool in my parent's yard. The older boys were into getting sprayed directly by the hose, but Squeaky and her cousin Timmy were not very excited about that.

We left for home last Sunday. The trip back was really good and the kids pretty well behaved. We made good time on the first day and went all the way to Benton Harbor, Michigan. We got there in time to have a nice supper and get to bed at a decent hour. We made it home around 7pm on Monday night. The girls and Dennis all have a cold now, but I seem to be holding out. :) The visit was wonderful, and we're glad to be home to unwind now.

I'll try to add a few more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

I checked your blog just a few minutes ago and there was nothing there, so I sent out my SOS for pictures. Evidently, your contribution came while I was writing that note and one other. Little kids! That was the name of the game at the reunion. I think there were 9 children, 3 and under! I am looking forward to your pictures. Love, Mom

Sarah VE said...

I am so glad you made it back safely. Thankyou for taking the time to come down here. It was wonderfull to see you family and get to spend some fun times together. ( that swim was great :) with no kids !!!!)

hope you can get rested up from you trip and get settled into new home routines before packing up for the move next month.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, I noticed that you wore your Nationals shirt, but didn't give it a thought that it was in honor of our country. Ha. Mom

nicole said...

ahhh i dont even know the baby's name! looks like you all had a fun trip though! sorry i haven't been on here in ages. i can't believe you tried to kill nuns...hahahahahahahhahaha ahem. ok i got a hold of myself:P yes i met a boy, on the internet and his name is chad. he is so wonderful:) i am pretty excited:) i dont get to see him very often though and that sucks pretty bad. i kinda want to move to bellville so i can be close to him, but i have that whole women shoudl stay at home until married thing going for me, and i don't think we'll be getting married before fall! haha...i don't think anyway:P he is a very very nice boy, he reads me verses on the phone, its socute:) i'll let you know more as more unfolds, did you move already? love you xoxoxo

Jean said...

h and left the lt i Val, Our computer went bust before the family reunion - It seems that the best remedy is buying a new one which it will be a while before we can do. Cammie came over for a little while with Toby so she took the time to show me how to use Ruth's lap top. Ruth is at camp for two week. sShe left the LT at home but didn't have time to show me how to use it.

Nice post with all the pictures.

sorry to hear that you have been having some bad days this week - hope that the docs can find the cause and give a treatment that doesn't make you sicker.

Love, A. Jean