Friday, August 10, 2007

Lang Pioneer Village

Last weekend we packed up the kids and headed 20 minutes down the road to Lang Pioneer Village. What a quiant little spot. There are several houses set up as they would be in the mid 1800's along with a chapel, hotel, general store, printing press, school house, blacksmith, tinsmith shop, carpenters shop, and a host of other things. There are people there dressed in period costume and doing era appropriate things like baking in the homes, spinning wool, blacksmithing, picking their noses, shearing sheep, etc. etc. Fun stuff. ;)

This past weekend the village was celebrating their 40th anniversary so they had several special things going on, including the sheep shearing, horse cart rides and various musical performances. It was fun to see. Squeaky's favorite was seeing the animals. She liked the goats and sheep, but the pig's snout was a little too dirty for her liking.


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun. I am sure the little girls enjoyed it, and for us as adults, we get great joy in seeing little ones as they experience new things. Was it a hot day? Love and prayers, Mom

Jean said...

Nice you had a chance for a little break from all the packing, sorting,discarding and all that stuff that goes along with a major move.

Those folks away back 150 years ago seem to have had a simpler life but I think they would have been very busy because so much work had to be done by hand.

Is this village a particular group (religious or ethnic)?

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

in response to a. jean: lang pioneer village isn't religious or anything. it's a living history museum/historical site. :)
i volunteered there one year in the printing press. i'm glad you had fun; i loved it! we got to eat all the broken candy from the general store. haha :P

-katie d.