Thursday, August 02, 2007

Packing up

Our house looks like a disaster zone! There are boxes and bags everywhere! Every day we pull out more things that either get packed away or just end up laying around awaiting future attention. Will someone please bring some order to this chaos?!? So far we've managed to clean out a several closets and cupboards. The garage sale pile is growing quickly.

On a different note, this past weekend we went up to visit Gramma and Grampa Easton. Dennis was speaking at L'Amable so it was a good chance to get a visit in. They also kept the girls for this past Monday and Tuesday so we could work on packing. Boy, it was so quiet around here with just Winnie for those two days! I found that I really missed their busyness and cuddles. :)

Tonight we met up with some friends (Fergusons and Gilberts) at the local kid "splash pad". It is a place where water shoots out from different places and in fountains, etc. Surprisingly, Squeaky was thrilled and really enjoyed it while Button was more hesitant. I expected it to be the other way around. Afterward we had planned to have a little hotdog bbq and picnic. We were surprised to find that more of our friends had been invited to come as a surprise! So thanks, Brad, Tanya, Kelly, Andrea, Jenn, Jordan, Caleb, Megan, Andy and Bill! It was fun. Unfortunately I forgot our camera!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good week. I wanted to add a Squeaky story from last week that I won't quickly forget. On Friday morning Val was hitting redial continuously trying to call the clinic to get an appointment, I took the girls out to start on breakfast. I was sitting out at the table with them while Dennis and Valerie kept redialling trying to get an appointment, when Dennis finally got through we were all happy and Squeaky looked over at me and said "God's good?" and I said "Yes, God IS good!" and she quickly reminded her mom and dad that God is good several times!! What a little blessing she is to you guys to keep reminding you that even in the little things God is good!!
Aunt Bee

The Bradley's said...

Sigh, wish we could've come for a splash party and hot dog bbq! Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

A. Bee, what a wonderful story about Squeaky. It reminds me that my greatest faith is a child like faith. What a good reminder. It was so good that you could help Dennis and Valerie. I appreciate you so much.
Mom V. E.

Jean said...

Hope that you will soon be able to see through the muddle and conjestion causeed by the anticiated move. Only ONE individual is moving out of this house and it seems like there is an abundance of muddle and conjestion. We are trying to keep the sit upon furniture in the living room open and the dining room table clear enough to eat off of.

Jean said...

PS Very good pictures of Button and Winnie - Squeaky looks sooo relaxed reading with Daddy.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun - the splash park that is! I'll be praying for you as you continue to pack/move. It's an exhasuting task.