Saturday, November 03, 2007


Here's the local artist's newest piece (she says it is a self-portrait):


Jean said...

Who is the local artist? Squeaky?

that is a good art board - no little squiggles showing up where the "pen" has been touched down in the wrong place. Or the artist has a very steady hand.

Love, a. jean

Pat VE said...

That little one has a keen eye for detail. Much more observant than most 3 year olds I would say. I'm just grandma.

David and Amy Campsall said...

Way to go.. what a great artist! You know i've been thinking i should sit down more with chloe and teach her "how to" draw and write stuff.. so last night i sat down just to see if she was interested.. she learned how to write the letter H. And a Q haha don't know why those two letters but there ya go. If they want to learn i better teach them. John is expert at holding his pencil properly already. Although he can't do too much other then swirls lines and zigzags.. it's a start. Would sure love to hear more on your ministry blog when you get a chance.. I'm interested to hear what you're learning and maybe get to know some of your teachers or other students??
I also wanted to say thanks for your comments over on my blog about training children. Another friend and I were just discussing how the reading and meditating on the word of God really impacts how we parent. So we've challenged eachother to keeping this journal that i mentioned on my blog. It has really helped me to begin to apply more of what I read and to retain more as well. Hope all is going well for you over there.
Love Amy

marybeary said...

interesting that she thinks she has hardly any hair. lol but it's really cute. I love kids drawings. So looking forward to our boys drawing and coloring.