Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Catching Up

This past week we were happy to host my Aunt and Uncle from Winnipeg! They were passing through the area and stopped here for parts of two days. They visited our classes and got the grand tour! I was so happy to have some of my side of the family here to visit! The girls had a lot of fun with them. Uncle Helmut was conscripted to read "Dora's Backpack" ad nauseum. Squeaky looked up at Aunt Jean at one point and exclaimed, "You look like Grandma!!!" They both endured being called Grandpa and Grandma repeatedly. Thanks for the fun visit!

Little Winnie is 7 months old now! Still as sweet as ever, although she has found her ability to squawk. She has to, to make herself heard around here!Here she is trying to drink from a cup for the first time.On Saturday the girls went out with Dennis and made the first snowman of the winter in our scant bit of snow. :) It was still there today when I headed to class.


Matt, Erin & Alaena said...

That was you guys! I saw that today & thought it was so cute! It made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

wow, we haven't had that much snow yet, in fact I haven't seen anything but a few stray ones in the air, I guess you've moved to the snow belt!! Nice to see Aunt Jean made it out of the comment section and into the pictures!!

Jean said...

Thanks Bee. Valerie, those are really good pictures. Winnie is so appealing (lack of a better word) in that 7 mo. picture in the big chair.

We loved the whole visit.

I am trying to borrow a picture or two from yours to add onto my blog so my friends can see what beautiful and cute relatives I have.

We got a nice little cover of snow yesterday but today quite a bit of it melted as the temp was +4c.

Love, Autn Jean

Pat VE said...

I haven't thought too much about cold weather yet. Today was 78* and I went over and helped the boys rake in their yard. They're a great group of helpers. They'll tackle broom, shovel or rake. Caleb pulled the bags in his wagon to put into the back of my van. I had wanted to wash windows, but oh well...it is so much fun to be with the kids. Lily and Linia have croup and cold. Tough to watch them go through with that. I am really glad that Helmut and Jean got to be surrogate Gr. and Gr. Those little girls need some spoiling!!!!! Love, Mom

Pat VE said...
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Anonymous said...

:) Enjoyed this post :) Thanks for the great pics. Maybe we'll soon have enough snow for a little snowman too :) I also enjoyed the 2nd pic of Winnie, looks like she's ready for a good time. Take care,Patti

Jean said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, A. Jean