Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Week Begins

Sisters. They've been playing well together lately (for a short while anyway!) It is fun to see Button reaching a developmental level where she can relate to her older sister. It is so weird for me to remember that Winnie is even closer in age! Speaking of Winnie, she's all over this place! Still not crawling, but oh, so close!
This is our first day of scratch cooking week. On Saturday I made a whole lot of different types of dough to freeze and use throughout this week: pizza dough, bread dough, dinner roll dough, pie dough. Tonight we are going to have a salmon pie that we were given the recipe to last week.
Breakfast this morning was a "oh-no! We slept in accidentally!" type breakfast- bread with apple butter. We didn't even have time to toast the bread on the stove top, since toasters are off-limits this week. I did make coffee in my French-press coffee maker. It was quite tasty.


Pat VE said...

The picture of the girls is so cute. Sounds like you will have your carbs this week. How long did you say it took to get all that made?

Sabrina said...

Good start to the week getting all the dough made early. It makes a big difference!
Praying you have a really fun week with it!

Jean said...

I tried Spoon bread from scratch today for the first time. I rather like it as a sub for potatoes or rice. I also made some rice for the family members that don't like to try "new things" I think U. Helmut ate both options under his beef gulosh. The spoon bread is quite light. Ruth didn't go for it after the first taste - too eggy to suit her.

I'll put the recipe on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are really growing up!!! Can't wait to see them. Hope everyone stays healthy!! Enjoy scratch week! Honestly, glad it's you not me!! But I look forward to hearing about it. God bless you guys for all you are willing to do in preparation for wherever He's gonna take you and for the reality of it once you get there. I love you all so much. Patti