Friday, February 15, 2008

With little kids, a Valentine's Day post is expected...

...and I won't disappoint you.

Little Winnie wasn't feeling too well yesterday, so as a precaution I kept the kids home today to keep my eye on the situation. It all worked out nicely for me to make sugar cookies with Squeak and Button. My mom had sent up a little cookie making care package, complete with many different kinds of sprinkles and cut-out cookie mix.

We made a couple special deliveries just before nap time. And we received a special delivery from one of their little friends!

Winnie stood right up to the little picnic table and got stuck standing there. Then she ate Cheerios while I helped the other girls decorate the cookies. I know, it all sounds so wonderful but let me tell you that although it was fun, I also had some tense moments when the sprinkles went flying, little fingers were being licked left and right, and hand-washing sessions in the bathroom resulted in soap up to the elbows and suds everywhere. All in all, the cookies were mostly germ-free and very cute.


Pat VE said...

Happy Valentine's Day tense or intense. Cookies are good both soapy and germy. You probably did better with them than I did with their 3 boy cousins. It looks like you did have fun. We love you. Mom and Dad

Glidewell Family said...

Those tense moments in the kitchen is why my husband started Tuesday night cookie baking. Mom is dismissed from the kitchen and he takes over instructing the girls. And, I enjoy a night off with zero stress!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, Next thing winnie will be walking!!

Jean said...

Six minutes to say Happy Valentine's Day

Looks like you all had some fun - hope they didn't eat to many sweets in one afternoon.

By the way a few germs along the way increase the resistance and immunity.

Love, A. Jean

Ps. I'll try to put my favorite travel tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

looks fun and yummy... and yes, if it was in my kitchen--stressful... but fun. I rarely cook with both girls at once so my hat's off to you :)

Anonymous said...

oops that was me, Patti