Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Outhouses and other things

During these next two weeks we will be learning many exciting and practical things about living in less developed areas. For instance, the topic of today was water purification and wastewater treatment. I've had a bit of exposure to this sort of thing before: my Dad's business sold wastewater treatment equipment, and I did a science fair project of water purification in junior high.

Today we learned about how to have an odorless outhouse. See? I told you it was practical. Everybody enjoys an odorless outhouse. Now I know how to make one. I can also walk you through the three stages of water purification and maybe even tell you some things about the water that you are drinking right now. That last part was just to scare you a little. :)

Yesterday evening we went out to our jungle camp spot and raked off our lot. The girls got involved and picked up sticks and spread leaves around. The blackflies were out and swarming but didn't seem to be biting... yet.

After we returned home we decided to have a little picnic on the front sidewalk. The girls thought it was great, and I think that Dennis and I had fun too.


pat ve said...

I can't believe I'm the first commentator. It looks like you had a lot of fun both in the bush and your sidewalk picnic. I would be interested if there is any other water treatment you would employ other than boiling the water. Maybe you can explain that sometime. Have a fun week. Mom

Jean said...

A picnic on the front sidewalk?? is the grass too wet or too far away? Perhaps you are keeping to a tradition that I know your VE family tried to establish - a picnic every month. I remember one in the woods in IA in late Dec. or Jan.

Are you allowed a "potty" for the toddlers or will they have to learn how to use the "odorless" out house?

Have lots of fun.

Love, A. Jean

Dennis & Valerie said...

A. Jean, we have new grass planted behind our home, but it isn't ready for any traffic yet. The other grass we decided was too far away for a spur of the moment picnic. :)

Kate said...

Have fun with the outhouse! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad the black flies aren't biting yet!! When do you move to jungle camp? Will it be after blackfly season?
I don't know if we're going to get there on the visiting weekend or not yet. I really want to see where you are and where you'll be. I guess we'll just have to get in our car and get over there to see you :)
I'd have loved the picnic too, even on the sidewalk. The girls and I have had 2 so far...but at the playground. love to all,