Thursday, June 05, 2008

Building Day #3- clay, mud and gunk

Well! I must say that the progress on the stove is slow and makes it feel like nothing is getting done. There is a fairly precise method of claying the inside of the stove (to maximize heat in the proper areas for stove top and oven) so it took many buckets of clay and many hours of my time. The stove has pretty much been my project. It is nice to have something I can do.

Last night I went up after supper until dark and Dennis put the girls down, and I went up again this morning at 6:30 to finish it up. My arms and hands are so tired from mixing that hard clay with water. I still need one more coat on the top and then I'm sure as it dries out we will need to patch and redo. I've been told by some experts (previous Jungle Campers) that the stove is never really done. :) So that is encouraging... haha.

I don't have a picture of what I did this morning, but we have a few from yesterday. This afternoon I hope to get up there again while the girls nap, so I'll get a couple pictures of the stove-almost-finished-product and of the "studs" that Dennis has put up that will form the girls' bedroom.

I have to tell you- this stove pipe was labor intensive for Dennis yesterday afternoon. He's a really patient guy, but when he came home last night he told me what a frustration it was for him to get this up. He had it all up when he discovered that he didn't have a damper in the front of it. He had to take it all out, drill holes and put a damper in, reinstall it and attach it to a supporting pole. At one point the whole thing came crashing down on his head. Poor guy. Doesn't it look nice though? He spray painted it black so it would look nice!
Newest Squeaky artwork installment. She's really on a roll. It's a phase.


Jean said...

Lots of potential in Squeaky's art work - it is very recognizable.

Lots of potential in your stove building - I hope it will give you very good service and satisfaction for your four weeks of JC.

Do you have to dismantle all this construction at the end of JC?

WOW - Looks like you are sporting the latest style in mosquito netting. Does it work?

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for taking the time to give us all this info. I really appreciate it. I echo your aunt's 2nd last question... we're not going to get there for visiting days but will we get to see it if we come later in the summer or will it be all gone?

Kate said...

I must say, I LOVE the net shirt! Are you able to use OFF while you're at Camp? And the hard work on the stove should definitely pay off later! Still praying for wonderful weather to make JC a learning, yet enjoyable experience. You'll see snail mail from this Nebraskan for sure. (same address?)

Dennis & Valerie said...

Yes, the mosquito netting works great. Dennis says, "You know, there's one thing I just love about you. That netting. It's great. I especially like the band around your waist."

We have to take everything down on the last day of Jungle Camp, even down to filling in the holes we dig. There is a chance that a house or two will be left standing for an open house they are planning for the mission in Sept. I'd suggest coming in July if you want to see what it is really like (but I understand if that doesn't really work for everyone...)

Yes, PLEASE write!! Same address!