Thursday, June 12, 2008

Building Day #9

This is what I did on the house while Dennis was away. Since Squeaky was sick I didn't get to spend as much time out there as I had hoped. Yesterday I made it out during their naptime and two friends were wandering around in the pouring rain looking for people to help! Yay! So Deanna and Fred (who happens to be from Lincoln, NE too by the way) helped me put up some poles and screen and built a blazing fire in our stove! I realize now that I need to put another layer of clay on that thing. Sigh. Sadly, the buttons had to come off for now until I can get more insulating clay on.

Then today I went out again during the girls' naptime and got some more fun decorating type things done, as well as covering one whole side with black plastic. I felt so handy and powerful with that nail gun in my hand. Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Oh, yeah!

This is the curtain in the girls' bedroom. Those are cats on the material. The tie is actually just green twine. Rustic yet trendy. Heheh.

This is the front side of the change table. This part is facing the larger play area in our main part of the house. I think I will usually have the curtains hanging straight down instead of tied up, but I wanted to keep the fabric out of the dirt for now. We will be putting tarps down on that floor and possibly some carpeting. There will be room under that change table for their toy totes and some other storage for us. The top half will be covered in black plastic to enclose their room.
My kitchen, not sure if I like this yet...
I hung the shower caddy (whoo!) and some black plastic. Don't worry, there will be more.
And finished a little more of the side plastic.


Anonymous said...

Good for you I'm impressed with your work!!

pat ve said...

I'd say you accomplished a lot given the handicaps you've had the last few days. The house is beginning to look like it has a woman's touch. Be thankful that you don't have to paint. What keeps water from coming in where the walls meet the floor? Hope you don't have storms like we've had tonight--tornadoes, 3 1/2 inches of rain etc. Love you, Mom

Kate said...

Good job! It looks cozy yet functional!

Jean said...

I don't know how I missed this post because I saw the one about Dennis' hike.

The house is shaping up. Will you have a shower head for the end of a hose or something less modern. Cold water showers aren't too bad on hot days but I sure had trouble adjusting to a cold water shampoo under a "shower". In St Vincent the shower we had to use was a pipe sticking down from the ceiling - one stream of cold water.

Hope you will be able to make that house more or less mosquito proof.

Love, A. Jean