Friday, July 25, 2008

Jungle Camp Report #4

Whoops, I said last time that the next blog would be about the hike. You'll have to remain on the edges of your seats for that one since I have to mention the Jungle Camp Open House!

As I mentioned on the blog before we went out to Jungle Camp, the Open House was on the weekend of July 5-6. That Saturday morning I woke up at 8am to a quiet knocking on the door. I went out, and through the cloudy plastic of our door I could see a lady. I thought maybe it was someone coming to remind us of something for open house. As I got closer my jaw dropped- it was my mom, all the way from Nebraska to surprise us! I was so shocked and excited. She wouldn't tell us how she had gotten here, but a few hours later my Uncle Helmut and Aunt Jean from Winnepeg showed up and the story got told. Mom had ridden a bus all day from Omaha, Nebraska to Winnepeg, and then the three of them drove over to Ontario. What a drive and sacrifice to surprise us! Very, very cool. :)

We had lots of other surprises that weekend- Jim and Gerri and Ruth and Rudy drove over together from Pt., Brad and Tanya and their little girl came from Bft., Chris and Dawn R. stopped by, Bill and Laura McK drove up on their motorcycle, Uncle Bob and Aunt Joyce dropped in and Dennis' cousin Annette came on Sunday. We were also tickled to see the guests we knew were coming: Dad and Mom E., Brenda, and Ron and Sabrina and their kids! What a great time!

Would you believe all this?!?!?! Fresh fruit after a month of not having any was soooo tasty and a bit of a shock to the system! We were so thankful for all the yummy gifts that our friends brought! Some even brought non-edible gifts- we felt so blessed, and the girls blew bubbles to their hearts content.

Ok, next time- the hike.


Anonymous said...

That is so great! I am so glad you had some many visitors. Yeah, Mom, Jean, and Helmet rock for doing that. Very cool.

Jean said...

Aw! I don't know how much we Rock - It was well worth our time and effort to see D.& V & the girls. As an extra we had all those days to visit with my sister and to visit some other friends and family on the way there and back. Also enjoyed meeting and becoming acquainted with some of our brothers & sisters in the Lord with whom we will be spending eternity - what an extra blessing.

Good pictures, Val.

pat ve said...

It seems like a dream. What a wonderful time I had with you at the open house and as your guest. It was a refreshing treat--all of it. The Lord is so good. Mom

Anonymous said...

I like the photo of my oldest and youngest nieces, very cute!!
Ant Bee

Jean said...

Val, in the last picture there is couple with Brenda - who is the couple? Are they another family in training? For some reason he looks so familiar to me.