Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Last Hurrah of Summer

I don't really know if hurrah is an official word.

Today our second year of classes began. Looks like it will be interesting! The girls enjoyed their morning in child care and came home all excited about their preschool time there. They learned about creation, worked on memorizing a verse and did some coloring. Button is especially tickled that she is now considered a "big" girl.

One day last week the girls took a spin on our local tire swing. Button is terrified of swinging normally. Winnie joined in for a few turns and seemed to enjoy herself as well.


Sarah said...

your girls are so cute Val, and look like so much fun.

Have a wonderful full week. I am sure it will have its moments but enjoy and savor the fun times and it will help the stressful times seem more bearable ( I am saying this to my self just as much as you - if not more- with contemplating school beginning next week, yikes... i am just a little scared about it all.

pat ve said...

I take it you are having cooler weather, hence the jackets. I sat on the edge of a roiling Lake Wpg. this afternoon, in my swim suit. Remember "swimming' a month and a half ago at the Lake NTM? Canada is a fun place to be, especially with those you love. Mom