Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spur of the Moment

Yesterday afternoon Dennis got home from PTC and said, "Let's go somewhere." I love it when he says that! So we packed a picnic and took off. The county we live in has seven waterfalls. We visited one of them when my mom was here in last month. Last night we visited two more. One of them, McGowan Falls, is tucked away right here in this tiny little town. Twelve months of living here and we'd never seen it! That's pathetic!

We'd thought we'd just eat our picnic there but it seemed a little underwhelming to only go that far, so we hopped in (as fast as three car seats can be done up) and went on down the road about 20 minutes to Eugenia Falls. The first observation point at Eugenia Falls was right above where the water drops.

It was very difficult to see, so we walked along a shoulder high wall trying to get a good view from further down. Finally I asked Dennis if he'd hop up on the wall and get a picture over the trees. He struggled up there on his tender ankle (soccer was rough on Monday) and got a couple of shots. I decided I'd run down around just one more curve in the path to see what I could see. Of course, there was a nice view right there. We're always doing stuff like that. It didn't surprise me too much. :P

After our picnic supper we took a scenic drive up the Beaver Valley past some lookout points. It was beautiful with the setting sun streaming over the hills. We drove up roads just for the sake of going on them because it was such a nice evening. (We also remarked to each other that it is a good thing there isn't a money ticker telling you how much in gas you've spent on a road trip...)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast!! I think in regards to the gas comments you just have to refer to those credit card commercials, these moments are priceless!!

Jean said...

What a relaxing evening out. The girls look like they were having fun too. Looks like we have to come back to the area to see some of the sights.

Today we took your Mom to the Corn & Apple Festival at Morden, MB It was our first time there also even though it has been held every Aug. for many years. Not many apples to be seen but quite a lot of corn was available.

We also met the Cross Country Cruisers West who were passing out gospel literature and talking to people at the festival.

pat ve said...

Oh those sweeties. I am so glad that you've had some nice road trips. What was once the cheapest form of entertainment beside a picnic, has now become a luxury! I have to think about that now. There was no travel in our budget for 3 years. I bought one tank of gas a month. Now I'm seeing it come after me like a shadow on the "credit card"!
Give those little ones some hugs. You can have some too. Love, Mom