Monday, January 26, 2009

Button turns 3

Our little Button turned three yesterday. She had a fun day with a little party in the morning. Nothing like cake and ice cream at 10:30am! They played a game, had cake and ice cream, drew on a big piece of paper, and then she opened her gifts.
Maybe I haven't updated on Button lately. She is getting more and more creative and imaginative with her toys. She loves to pretend with Squeaky and often they are in what Dennis and I call "the fifth level of imagination". Button loves to sing and wiggle. She has a short fuse but is also extremely nurturing and loving. Whenever she's in trouble she cries at the top of her lungs for a bit to let us know how upset she is, then she calms down and always says, "I love you, Mommy (or Daddy)." It is almost like a question. She definitely needs to know that we love her all the time.

Thank you to all our family and friends who came to the party, called her and gave her cards! We love our little Button!


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday Button!!! I totally forgot!!! What a terrible Aunt I am. Sorry!!! You are still loved :)
Aunt Patti

pat ve said...

These pictures are so cute. It looked like she was enjoying herself and she also looks so grown up. Tell me more about the cake.

Kate said...

A: Happy Birthday Button!
B: What a wonderful cake! I LOVE the lifesavers!
C: I can't believe it's been three years! It seems like just yesterday!

Anonymous said...

so cute!! looks like fun!! I recognized the girlies clothes but it reminded me I haven't looked for that receipt--oops!!

Glidewell Family said...

Happy Birthday Button! From the Glidewell's I love the cake a very cute idea! I always take pictures of the presents too! I didn't I didn't think that others did it also. :-)

Jean said...

sorry to be so late with the good wishes.

That pink flowery dress that Button has on is sooooo pretty.

what flavor was that beautiful flower cake?

Love and Hugs,
aunt Jean

Dennis and Valerie said...

The cake was chocolate. Since we have a little friend who has a gluten intolerance the cake was actually made from a gluten-free mix. I didn't taste it since it didn't meet my elimination diet criteria, but the little kids seemed to love it!

The candies on top are little peach slices, rolled out in sugar on wax paper so that they looked like petals. The stem was a green piece of licorice strung with green gummy lifesavers.