Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second Time's a Charm

Winnie has one thing she loves more than anything in the whole world. She calls it "baby". You might recognize it as actually being a turtle, but to her it is "baby". What more appropriate shape for a birthday cake then, than a little "baby" colored turtle?

That's right, our baby is turning two! Her birthday is Monday the 13th, but we celebrated with a little party last night. Two of our good friends and their little girl who is also two years old came over. I didn't plan the pictures very well and ended up with only a couple not-so-great shots of the little guest.

We put all the girls down for bed (a mini sleep-over) and played some games with four of our friends in celebration of the occasion. :) We've really enjoyed our great big apartment with all the extra bedrooms for times like these! Our little two year old friend knows that when she comes over to "P's house" she'll probably go to bed here and wake up in her own home in the morning. "P" is what she calls Winnie. I'm "P-Mommy". That's funny.

Winnie also got cards from her sisters. Squeaky was pretty excited about writing her own card. It said in big block letters, "TO QUINN IL LUV YOU QUINN YOU AR SWET FRAM LAEL


Jake and Erin said...

GREAT job on the cake!! It looks so cute! And tasty too! =) Happy Birthday Winnie!

HopiQ said...

Happy Birthday, Winnie! It's birthday time around our house, too, but we don't have such a cute cake! Love it! We had the same turtle once upon a time, but I'm sure it was not loved in quite the same way. :)

pat ve said...

Winnie's cake was really cute. I don't remember if when we celebrated you birthdays whether we put you to bed before the games. Seems that KT was your most frequent party pal and other than some of your unusual cakes, I don't remember how the parties went. I will try to call W. on Mon. for her birthday. I don't know why I thought it was today. I have all along.

mattanderin said...

Oh my goodness! THat cake is amazing! I totally want to make a fun cake like that for Laena's birthday this year! I'm inspired =)

Christine said...

Cute cake!!

Joan said...

Cute cake and an even cuter little girl. I can't believe how much she's grown since we first saw her in Aug '07!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to "Winnie".
You did a great job on the cake and no doubt the guests did a great job of consuming it.

that is a terrific idea to put the birthday girl and the rest of the kids to bed and then play the games - exactly who was celebrating any way?

It was a very gray day here and started raining in the late afternoon and still is.

Inside Out said...

Love the cake what a great idea!

Happy Birthday little girlie:)
Love from
All of us:)

Anonymous said...

Happy day, cute cake, cuter kids!! Sorry didn't call today but we did sing on Saturday

Patti and Bruce said...

Happy Bday Winnie.
We loved seeing your pictures. We love you very much.
Aunt Patti, Uncle Bruce, Jam and Honey