Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun Day Outside

Wednesday was Field Day here for the academy. This is a fun day for our kids since we spend the morning outside watching the "big kids" race and do various other track and field events. At a certain point they have a preschooler race, which we've been psyching the girls up for for awhile. :) Even Winnie participated this year. She and her little friend just calmly walked down the track, holding hands and smiling at the people on the side lines. Squeaky won the preschool girl race; never mind that her oldest competitor was Button... :) They all received a box of smarties and some bubbles- I don't know who thought to do that for them, but it was really sweet.

Squeaky had a nasty cold this week but that didn't stop her from running the race or doing the standing broad jump and the long jump (just for fun).
This is one of Squeaky's favorite people in the whole world- the son of friends in our class. She sometimes refers to him as "her sweet boy".

Here's my sweet boy (aww...).

And one of my sweet girls.

And a pack of kids who just love to hang out and be kiddish together.

And one little kid who pretty much entertains herself and ignores the other kids.

Here is Dennis trying out the long jump.

A fun day!


Patti and Bruce said...

looks like fun :)

Anonymous said...

Some fun!!

Sabrina said...

Great fun! We are trying to get together a track day for the homeschoolers, but can't seem to come to pass! Maybe I should try the smartie and bubble trick:)
One week to go, are you guys done your big final presentation?

Inside Out said...

did Dennis set any records?

Anonymous said...

looks like he set the record for slowest on the track!!

Jean said...

Great pictures of your fun day - nice you had such good weather.

pat ve said...

I am so thankful for your blog and the pictures you post. Having visited last summer, it is just like getting to be there. I wish I could be there this week end for your graduation. I love you all. Keep on running!