Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty fun day for our family. In the morning Dennis suddenly decided that we should go and check out a conservation area nearby. So we packed up the girls and the bug spray and headed out. We ended up in what we thought was the conservation area but turned out to be just a fire access road that bordered the real conservation area. Oh well, it was fun anyway. We walked a trail and on the road. Winnie does better on the road when she's "hiking" since her feet are the size of postage stamps.

We were treated to all sorts of sights in God's green creation. We saw four snakes (or maybe just one really fast guy?), lots of cool bugs including a shiny blueblack beetle that we trapped for 2 minutes in Squeaky's habitat until he Houdini-ed out of there, and many swarms of blackflies that apparently are just swarming and not biting yet.
Do you see the guy in this picture?

Then last night we went to our last class social held at a dam close to here. It was a gorgeous evening with a perfect breeze and warm sun. We all had a picnic supper together and talked while the kids played. Then we headed over to a local ice cream shop for cones.


pat ve said...

What a joyful day for you all. It brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of such outings we had when you were little. Even though I'm bawling, it brings back HAPPY memories. That little one with the walking stick...ohh!
Have a happy Mother's Day "chickie".

Sabrina said...

Awesome guys

Anonymous said...

I love the stick too. It reminds me of your dad Val!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Saturday!!

Jean said...

Looks like you had a great day in God's wonderful outdoors. S0 nice after the ong winter.

Mon. we took U. John, A. Ruth. Hannah & Joanna to the world's largest snake dens establishment which is located right here in sunny Manitoba. It was a very interesting excursion. Our g.son loved it too.