Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are busily packing boxes and cleaning every surface in our home. What a mess. What a huge amount of stuff we've managed to collect! Why do we do that?!

Our official move date is Tuesday. Tomorrow we will be away all day, so all the final things will have to be done on Monday and Tuesday. We are moving into the basement at Dennis' parents' place. They have generously offered it to us and have put a lot of work into it this spring getting it ready for us. Thank you, Dad and Mom E! We are excited to be able to spend the next few months with you. The girls are especially tickled to have so much time at Grandpa and Gramma's house.

I wanted to show you a few things we've found in the mission barrel recently. We found this little bike for Button. Squeak already has one, so this bike will help Button keep up with her. Squeaky is getting pretty good at riding hers- Button has a ways to go. :)

Dennis found this shirt in the mission barrel last week. He couldn't believe his eyes and there was several moments of collective jubilation after he got home and showed it to me. :) We will miss that old mission barrel (which is really two rooms and more like a freebie store than a barrel, in case you were wondering).

The first year class has been working hard on their Jungle Camp homes for the past two weeks. We've had fun keeping an eye on their progress and remembering what we were doing a year ago. Last night we took one last stroll up there. The homes look good and I thought more than once that I could easily live in one of those for a month again.

This year they are keeping some live chickens. The girls had fun looking at them.

After Tuesday we will be on dial-up. I'm hoping to arrange some way to go to a wireless place every once in a while so I can blog with pictures and not have it take 20 minutes. Until then, I'll probably be posting shorter updates with only one or two pictures (sorry, family).


Khatia said...

wow, very interesting :)

Khatia said...

wish you all fun!

Jean said...

May you have a safe move and a great time with Dennis' family for the next few weeks. Hopefully you'll be able to find a little time for rest & relaxation.

Anonymous said...

what great finds!! happy moving days, you'll find some high speeders around town who'll help you out i'm sure, hopefully sympatico smartens up soon!!!
ps Gramma don't get any ideas about chickens for the girls to look after

Bill Yeo said...

All I can do is chuckle at you Dennis, for your 'remarkable' find, which by the way fits you to "T" ;). I guess I can expect you to be wearing that on the 26th?

Sabrina said...

Love the shirt Dennis!