Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scholastic Pursuits by a 3 year old (and other random things)

It was a big day for Button one day last week when she drew an "A" for the first time. We are so pleased that she stuck with it and made several really good letters. She hasn't had much interest in trying to learn to write and doesn't have the patience for coloring usually, but this past week she's shown improvement in both areas. I'm really happy for her, because I know how much it will help her in the future! I'm hoping to have a little school time with her this fall while Squeaky has kindergarten.

And lest you think that all is normalcy and boring-ness in our home:


The Biehns said...

You guys just have a way of adding smiles to our day. Thanks we've been blessed!

pat ve said...

An A+ for the three year old. Very good writing, Button.

What does Daddy have all over his head? Interesting.

Like your rings, Quinnie and am wondering if Squeaky is scared of who she is standing by?

Love to you, GR.

Jean said...

So nice to see all the fun you all have. How goes the packing?

Joan said...

Hey, Button has better penmanship than me already!!