Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is a Random Blog

I've been so bad! I've been enjoying my summer and neglecting my little bloggy world. That's ok. I noticed by the list on the side of my page here that most of my fellow bloggy friends are going through a bit of a hiatus too. Check out my husband's blog! I think he is on permanent hiatus.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news: I'm in Nebraska right now enjoying the wonderful heat (coming down from Canada I really mean that) and DSL, which is much faster than dial-up.

The bad news: We left the power cord for our laptop in Canada and it is being shipped to us as I write. No power cord= no uploading pictures. No pictures = no inspiration to blog.

Without pictures my inspiring words have to stand on their own merit- and let's face it... often my words aren't exactly inspiring. :D

But really, the point of this entry is to assure you that we are indeed still alive, enjoying a very warm time in Nebraska (101 warm enough for you?), and are saving up all the great pictures and memories that make up great blogging material. :D

Have a happy day, everyone!


Bill Yeo said...

You make southern Ontario sound cold during the summer! Don't forget that just because this summer has been an anomaly (unusually cool), it can still get quite warm here - especially with the humidity! :P

HopiQ said...

I'm so excited to meet you!!! Can't wait!!! Will you have time to have dinner and/or hang out with us??? Tell Dennis that it won't exactly be a study night anymore...

pat ve said...

I have been the beneficiary of being able to see the subjects of this blog this week. The little ones are even cuter than anything you've seen on this blog heretofore. A. stepped out of her mom and dad's room this morning, and announced "mommy wants privacy".
We visited the nature center then went to the cemetary near there to see Grandpa's grave. Lots of music, stories, outside water fun and just hugs and kisses I REALLY love.

Anonymous said...

Well did the cord get there yet?
Hope so!!

David and Amy Campsall said...

Hey Val I understand about the pictures:) Hope the time in Nebraska is a refreshing time. It's been quite warm here this week, around the thirty mark. I'm so thankful for warm weather as we have had no dryer since june. Sun and wind seem to be much more appreciated in those times:) Look forward to hearin of your adventures when you get back.