Thursday, December 16, 2010

That's not garbage

I have a thing about pieces of loose paper floating around the house. My kids love paper. Their favorite activity is to cut little pieces of paper into even smaller pieces of paper which are then labelled "tickets." If a piece of paper has passed through their hands at any point in time it is deemed precious and if I try to throw it away the whole house breaks into pandemonium.

I often find myself on paper rampages. My kids know the rule- "If you don't want it enough to put it away properly it goes in the garbage." So, yesterday I was on a throwing spree when I grabbed this piece of paper off the floor, crumpled it, and hurled it into the garbage. Then in my mind's eye I recalled seeing little words on that paper... some niggling feeling made me go retrieve it.
tO Quinn
I love you you
Are Little
I think you love
your trtLE FROM


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you about that one, that was the same day as she wrote me mine: to ant Bee
I love you you ar so sweet I did nevr wot you to go to CANADA. Win you go I think you wil go to Ottawa agen fram Aria.

Anonymous said...

Wow that would be great! Bring her along!

aliann said...

So sweet! We have a lot of precious papers around here too, also called "tickets".
I have a special folder where I hide away the sweetest ones, but we have a lot of paper trash too!