Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Button got a doctor kit for her birthday. It wasn't until a few days later that we noticed the writing on the box. I and my child in the future from now on just had to share it with you.

Iatrology: rarely used term for medical science. (according to online dictionary)

Did I mention that this set is extra special to me? It is, because it is children design.

INFINITE pleasure- did you catch that? If my child is not infinitely pleased tomorrow, I will sue the makers of the doctor set.


Anonymous said...

Do watch your translating !!

Liz Dueck said...

So fun! We used to have a list of all the fake name brands we found in Africa. Panasound (instead of Panasonic), Mike (instead of Nike), etc. It made shopping somewhat enjoyable, but not quite an infinite pleasure.

Jean said...

Interesting - do they market many things in English. By the pictures one would think that these sets were particularly aimed at the Caucasian population.

Here's hoping that Button is very happy with her gift.

Dennis and Valerie said...

A. Jean, things are very much marketed in English with caucasians featured on the boxes, etc. They don't make a whole lot of things in country, so the easiest thing is to import all sorts of stuff- and most of it is exactly what you'd find in N. America. But sometimes there are things that probably wouldn't pass the translation tests- like this. :)