Monday, April 02, 2012

April Fool's Day at our House

Yesterday was April Fool's Day.

This was the first year our kids really got into it.  I wondered to myself if it isn't basically just a "I can lie and get away with it" day, but when I asked the kids if they were lying they assured me "No, no, it's just a joke."  That's one thing I'm still trying to wrap my head around since I've been a mother- what is the difference between a lie and joke sometimes?  Hmm.

Anyway, I digress...

Squeaky came rushing up to me in my bedroom yesterday morning and emphatically declared, "Mommy!  Daddy's outside going around the block on a motorcycle!"  In unison Button excitedly yelped, "Mommy!  Daddy's outside going around the block on a horse!"

Now, I had forgotten what day it was, so they actually had me going for a second.  Dennis wasn't in the room so it was possible that he had gone outside, jumped on a motorcycle (our neighbor/friend owns one) and was going around the block, but I thought it highly unlikely that he was on a horse.  "Horse?!" I asked.

Button quickly corrected herself, "Oh, I mean, motorcycle."

After a few more seconds of me trying to figure out what they were talking about they giggled and chirped, "April Fool's, Mommy!!!"

And that was the beginning.

They told Winnie that there was an elephant on our porch and she believed them- running to look out our front door.

Winnie told me that she wanted a certain type of cereal for breakfast and just as I reached for the box she crowed, "April Fool's, Mommy, I don't want that kind!" and dissolved into fits of laughter.

When I told Winnie she could eat candy all day she looked at me with a skeptical eye and said disdainfully, "April Fool."

I tried to tell her there was a turtle on the front porch but she was much too smart to fall for that a second time.

And so the day went on at our house- many attempts at fooling and not a whole lot of success.  The girls sure had fun though.  I had to remind them that Filipinos don't know about April Fool's Day so please don't try to play any tricks on your friends at Sunday School.

On the way home from church in the taxi I overheard Button say, "No, you can't say that in here!  That is an April Fool's joke and there is a Filipino in here!"


Anonymous said...

Lots of fun!!
Mine by Grandpa was "Did you see the robin with snowboots on out here?
It was April fools too but really they did need the boots in the snow. They just hadn't brought their boots with them!
So did I get fooled or not?

Join Us For Breakfast said...

So fun :)
Somebody forgot to tell our pastor to be so culturally sensitve, there were lots of Filipinos (and other nationalities) at church and he still tried to fool us with turn to John 22. :) Hopefully they'd been in Canada long enough to know what he meant when he laughed and said April Fools.