Thursday, April 05, 2012

E is for extrovert

Extrovert: someone who is energized by being with people.  The more, the merrier.

Sometimes I wish I were like this, but extroverted I am not.  I get energized by long periods of silence and time to think and mull over whatever I need to think about and mull over.

Do you think the world caters more to extroverts or introverts?

P.S. Short post due to stimuli overload.  A lovely, people-filled day (really, I loved my day!) resulted in one very zapped introvert.  I've definitely met my word quota today.  :)


Anonymous said...

Does it matter who the world caters too? I don't think so! Just be yourself lady.....that's how we like you! Have a quiet evening!
Love Gramma

Li said...

I think introverts (I'm one) often come across as cold, or stuck-up, or bored, simply because we tend to stick to the perimeter at social activities, are uncomfortable in strange surroundings and tend to spend long periods of time quietly listening and observing.

Dennis and Valerie said...

Hi Li, I think you're right. I often find myself putting on a mask if I'm in a situation with a lot of new people. I think some of that is necessary- to survive, be personable and not offend, but it really is draining. :)

Mom E, I'm glad you like me! Even though you know now that I'm not a sanguine? ;)

mattanderin said...

Me too!!! haha! Wow. I've hardly said anything all day! :) Re-charging after yesterday :)

mattanderin said...

I know! Me too! :) haha! I haven't said much all day, just recovering from yesterday :)

Java with the Johnsons said...

lots of people think i'm an extrovert...but it's not true.. from growing up as an MK...and now being a missionary i think there is pressure to be friendly and talkative, not offend... but it kicks me in the butt and it takes me a LONG time to recover after being with people... Brian on the other hand is fully energized! :)