Sunday, April 08, 2012

G is for grass

Grass has become a hot commodity for our family.  We live in a concrete world.  The nearest blade of grass is blocks away.  As we drive along the streets in a taxi I often hear breathless exclamations from the girls in the backseat, "Ooooh!  Look, it is so beautiful!" whenever they see the tiniest patch of green.

Yesterday we went outside of the city with friends for a picnic.  At the end of the rocky parking lot there was some mangy grass poking up through the rocks.  Winnie was leaping around outside the car.  "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!  This is a beautiful place, want to know why?  'Cause there are rocks here and there is grass down there!"

In the fall we visited the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.  The grass there was flawless.  We weren't allowed to walk on it, but it was a beautiful sight.  I don't think I've ever appreciated grass as much as I do now.
Getting as close to the grass as possible


David and Amy Campsall said...

wow... i just read through your alphabet posts. Keep them coming.I'm so amazed to hear about the culture. The things you have learned in two years.I can hardly believe it's been that long. As always we pray for you with the children in the evenings. Sad to hear of your recent health trouble Val.Hope you are able to discover the trouble and feel better soon. So what is the next step on this journey? I do hope the girls feel a little less sad soon over Brenda leaving. So nice that they had a good relationship with her. Well God Bless and yes..we read your blog:)

Francene said...

I never considered the impact on children of living apart from nature. I guess the positive side is their appreciation.

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Hi there! We have a little brown grass over here right now, but its good to see the pictures of the girls with the grass, because so many pictures we've seen over the past few months the girls have been inside. I'm glad you had a good weekend, we had a great one with Aunt Bee.