Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Juan dela Cruz and Jeeps

A little tidbit of 'J' info for today:

Juan dela Cruz is used in the Philippines like John Doe is used in the U.S.A.  dela Cruz is one of the most common Filipino last names, much like Smith or Jones in English.

Jeepneys, or jeeps (actually spelled 'dyip' in Tagalog) are the cheapest mode of public transportation here.  The original jeepney was made from old military vehicles that the Americans left behind.  Newer ones are now manufactured here.  For about 17 cents you can ride up to 3km and tell the driver to stop where ever you want him to as long as it is along his route.  I take these all the time because we don't have a vehicle and we live right along a main road where they pass by day and night.  My kids love riding jeeps- you can feel the wind in your hair provided you're not stuck in traffic!


Anonymous said...

Interesting! In the picture, it looks, like by the juxtaposition of the two vehicles, that flow of traffic is opposite of N. America. Is that assumption correct? How far is 3km in terms of miles?

Jean said...

They are so colourful. Nice post.
does breathing in every other vehicle's exhaust get over powering?

Nancy Thompson said...

Are they all painted like that? You certainly couldn't miss it if it was. Very interesting article.

It's nice to meet you, Dennis & Valeria. I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Come on by and say hi sometime!

Dennis and Valerie said...

Hi, 3km is 1.9 miles. I see what you mean about the picture and the traffic flow. Traffic here is on the same side as N. America. However, that doesn't keep anyone from driving in the oncoming lanes if they see free space! :)

A. Jean, yes! Definitely yes! Most people carry a hankie in their purse or pocket to put over their nose while riding. Especially if it is a traffic congested day. The air pollution here is actually visible to the eye as a haze over the streets.

Nancy, thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, all jeepneys are painted colorfully. The one pictured is actually a boring one. Usually they have paintings of people and animals on the sides as well. :) Makes for a very colorful view when there are hundreds of them passing by! :) Thanks for stopping by!