Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for, well, V!

I have always loved the letter V.  How could I not, with a name like Valerie Van Essen?  It seemed like my very own letter and if anyone else had a V in their name it was usually just one, so I definitely had claim to the letter in its entirety.

Now I have a few kids who have the same sort of infatuation with their own letters so I'm relieved to know that it is somewhat typical to feel that way.

Growing up, I never knew another Van Essen outside of my own family.  But when I moved away from Nebraska to Ontario for college I started getting asked if I was the daughter of two people with the same last name as me that I'd never heard of.  So that's how I discovered there was another family with the same last name as me.  They spelled it the same way, with a space and a capital letter on the second half.  It turned out that they were really nice people and we had lots of mutual friends and contacts and I actually didn't mind at all that people wondered if I was their child.  I hope I didn't cause them to get a bad name either!  (Nothing like a 19 year old you didn't raise running around with the same uncommon last name as you!)

When I got married I dropped one of my V's but of course I still consider it my favorite letter.  :)


Sally said...

What a lovely name. You were lucky to have an unusual name. It means people always remembered who you were and that could probably be both good and bad.

Scribbles From Jenn said...

V is a cool letter, but hard to find anything personalized. I have two sister-in-laws with V names and could not find any V anything for them at Christmas.

Your name sounds lyrical.

Happy A to Z-ing!