Thursday, May 03, 2012

Decisions, decisions

You know that process you have to go through when you have decisions to make- when everything hinges on something else and you can't figure out what to do first?

We have a lot of things on our minds right now.  So we are working on just doing the next thing and praying as we go along that it will become clear what the next thing is to do!  In general, we are mulling things over about future ministry options, timing of home assignment and working on getting updated on all our passports and visas!

Today Dennis went to the Canadian embassy to work on getting Winnie's passport renewed and to get Miss Muffet's first passport.  It was quite the process finding the necessary person here who worked in the right profession and who had known us two years to sign as guarantor on the documents... thankfully I think we managed to get it all done correctly and now all we can do about that part is just wait.

As for the other things, we just need to tackle the next thing, but I'm not quite sure yet what that is!  :)


Anonymous said...

We are praying!
We know the Lord has it all in His plan... .. but it sure is hard to not try to figure it all out on your own isn't it ?
From one who likes to know it all ahead of time!!

Trust Him
(for me as as well as you'all)

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to make these decisions for you too, I think we should switch, I'll decide for you and you make my decisions for me :)