Monday, June 04, 2012

Things I like about the Philippines, #10

This post must begin with something I actually dislike about the Philippines, but I promise it will turn into something I like shortly.  :)

There are not any public libraries in the Philippines.  This was a horrible discovery for our family as we are too cheap to buy books at a bookstore and spent hours upon hours at the library as a family in Canada.  I grew up going to the library about once a week and walking home with a stack of at least 10 (or 20, or more) books tucked in my arms.

So it was a sad, sad thing to not have libraries available to us here.

However, we've discovered two next-best things.

1.  Bookstores where it is ok to sit on the floor and read, read, read.  I'm not sure if it is encouraged or just tolerated and we don't ask... but lots of children sit around the kid's section and read like this so we assume it is ok.  And the girls love it.

2.  The "Booksale" store, located in regular malls, which sells affordable, used books.  The girls often spend their allowances at this store.  (Sorry, I don't have any pictures of this store!)

Let's just say that libraries are high on the list of places to go when we visit North America!


Candy Dalton said...

We do this all the time!!! Best one is Fullybooked at the Fort. It's 3 stories tall!

Sally said...

At least you found a way round it and learning to compromise in a foreign country must help you all to fit a lot better.

Jenn said...

Way to problem solve! We would be lost without our books! The new Orillia library just opened down the street from where we live. I can see us going once a week too. Hello to the girls from the M cousins!

loverofwords said...

Could you start one? If you grow up with libraries, hard to lose the habit. I still remember the first book I could read. "Madeline"--In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines. I still read several books a week. So glad I found your blog.