Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things I like about the Philippines, #12

Wow, so it has been awhile- but I'm not without a really great excuse!  :)  My mom came over from the U.S. and visited us for a month.  We had so much fun showing her around the Philippines.  It was delightful to watch her take it all in.  She was such a good sport and let us drag her all over the place.  We went to malls, parks, historical places, restaurants and the beach.  She got to ride in a jeepney a few times and loved it.
Here are some pictures of the fun things we did here in the Philippines and of her enjoying a few of my favorite things that I've already blogged about.
 Checking out the rice delicacies:

Enjoying biko- my favorite!
Trying out halo-halo:

Visiting beautiful and historic Intramuros:

The beach!

Checking out Greenhills market:
And saying goodbye (not my favorite thing!) with a big hug after a wonderful, fun-filled month:


Sally said...

I bet you miss your mum now she's returned home. Great pictures, fun times to treasure.

nataszkowiec said...

fantastic :)

Isay Roque said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and I'm happy to know you like it here in the Philippines! :) Thank you for looking at our country in a positive way. I hope you and your family will get to visit more places here (I recommend Dumaguete and Siquijor)! :) God bless you! :)

Dennis and Valerie said...

Hey Isay Roque- thanks for stopping by! My husband has been to Dumaguete but I wasn't along on that trip. :) Thanks for commenting!