Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thoughts from an early morning walk

I went for a walk this morning- going out early to avoid the blackflies that have been taunting me when the sun shines.  The trees were heavy with drops from the rain last night and the world glowed emerald.  Breaths of cool, fresh, forest-scented air filled my lungs.  Beauty like this always makes my heart ache because I know it taps into a part of my heart that is only satisfied in the beauty of its Creator.

In less than one week we will be winging our way once again across the vast world to the very different, yet beautiful land of the Philippines.  I have mixed feelings and find myself in tears a lot.  We were here in Canada long enough that I believe my heart started tricking me into thinking I was going to be here forever.  And with that came a lot of comfort.

Comfort.  Such a difficult word for me.  Almost everything in my being craves comfort.  But the really good things rarely come when I'm completely comfortable.  And too much comfort usually ends up with me discomforted.  All things to point me to the fact that this is not my forever home; this world, this body are not my final resting place.

So with the desire for more, for a greater purpose than comfort alone,  we move on.

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