Friday, August 12, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

Phew! We're finally back home from our busy summer. We took a two week camping trip and visited Prince Edward Island (PEI), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It was so beautiful to see the variety in God's creation. We saw everything from grassy fields to looming mountains. Trickling streams to roaring ocean. Wow.

The newest member of our family is making him/herself known! I started feeling kicks this week. I'm 16 weeks along, with a tentative due date of Jan. 25th, which is a slight change from the earlier predicted Jan. 23. But as my doctor says, "Babies don't look at the calendar."

My daughter has grown up so much. I look at her and wonder where my baby went. She has slimmed down and is tearing around everywhere on her tiny feet. She rocked the scales at a whooping 21 lbs, 30 inches! Not too big for a 16 month old. :)

Her current vocabulary:
cheese... "cheeeEEEE!"
toys... "hoyce"
Daddy and Mommy... "DA!"
car... "caah"
ball... "BAAA!"
dolly... "daa" (not to be confused with "DA!")
duck... "duck! cwak cwak cwak cwak cwak..."
doggie... "dah, oof oof oof oof"
all food except cheese... "apple"
thank you... "taank eww"

And she signs (sign language):
"tickle", "wait", "more" and "please"

New words are added and deleted from her vocabulary daily! It is hard to keep up. :)

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