Thursday, October 13, 2005

The New Vocab

Sweet baby words.

Here is a new list of my daughter's words. It has been so fun to see what she's picked up in the last month and a half! She's talking up a storm! She learns about one or two new words a day, so I'd better get these down!

car- cah
chair- chay
food/hot- hock
food- foo
apple- apple
cup- cup
cracker- cackah
cheese- chee
toys- oyce
balloon- bubmbumb
egg- eck
ball- a ball
dolly- da
baby- bebe
duck- duck
fish- fsssh
flower- frr
come- come
up/down- up
clap clap- cap cap
no- nooo
outside/inside- sigh
shoe- shoo
sock- sock
hat- hat
eyes- eye
nose- no
mouth- mouw
belly- bea
hug- huk
kick kick- kik kik
help- hop
hi- hi
bye- bye bye
night night- nai nai
sleep- seep
thank you- tiki or kiki
"I want that" or "Can you give me or do that?"- adadaDAH?
"What do you see?"- waddayasi?
pop (as an action)- POP or BOP
Daddy- Dah
Mommy- Mommy (only said this once :( )
Uncle Ron- Coco?
Janelle- JahJah
Aunt Brenda- Bee
Grandpa- occasionally, Pa

She also makes sounds:
lion/tiger- roar
duck- quack quack
dog- woof woof
bird- tee
mouse- stee
hen- stee
cow- ummm
owl- hoo hoo
cat- meee

And signs:
more- fingertips together in front of body
all finished- both palms up shoulder level
wait- "tickly" fingers, palms up
please- frantically beating chest with one or two hands :)
help- hands outstretched in front of body, palms up

Yippee for baby talk!

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