Friday, December 16, 2005

Share and Share Alike

I am part of this email group called Freecycle. It is so cool! Basically, people send an email to the group with an offer of something for free, or they post a "wanted". I've given away lots of things that were useless to me and have received things that were useless to someone else!

For instance, I've offered empty baby food jars, an old VCR... the most interesting thing that I've gotten rid of is a vintage Lady Schick "Time Machine" hair dryer. It was this montrousity of a thing that my husband had won at an auction along with a "lot" of items (being interpreted- "you may have this book you are bidding on, but you must also take this enormous, filthy hair dryer"). I cleaned it all up and the individual who received it was tickled to death to have it for her daughters to use on their weekly "spa night." Woo HOO!!! Out of my hair and into yours, I say!

I've received many fun things from freecyclers as well! Long ago I posted a wanted for exercise equipment and received a stair stepper and stationary bike. I received a bag of balls (the kind you jump around in when you are a kid) for my daughter to have fun in her playpen. Don't worry, we washed them! And today I'm going to pick up a little tabletop play kitchen/oven/sink for my daughter! It is great.

I'm looking around for items that I can post to give away. Anyone want to get rid of something? I'll post it for you. :)

Check it out and find a group in your town: www dot freecycle dot org (I can't figure out how to post my link!)

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Anonymous said...

To make a link out of a word I think you click on the word and then click on the little icon that is the earth with a little chain link on it. My husband showed me, but I haven't actually tried it yet. Freecycle is so cool. That is neat, Val!