Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Teething and a Toddler

My sweet little girl hasn't been so sweet lately- she's teething. She didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months or so, and only now is she getting a couple molars and one tooth next to the front bottom two (can you tell I didn't listen in school when we were learning dental terms?). I was grateful at the time that I didn't have a fussy, drooling, teething baby to deal with, but now I'm wondering whether this option is much better.

She can talk now and express her angst. Nothing is ok in her world. Yesterday at lunch she was eating applesauce by herself but was having a bit of trouble getting the bottom of the bowl emptied with her spoon. She threw a small fit. I asked her if she wanted help. Another fit, complete with waving arms and strong indications that no, she did NOT need my help. Two seconds later? "Help? Help?" she cried. I went over and tried to take the spoon to help. Another fit- apparently her cry had been a prayer, and I was not the answer.

I'm sure that I haven't had the best attitude with her lately. I find myself really emotional. I cry all the time. Yesterday I was listening to a Praise Baby DVD with my daughter, and there was a really nice musical interlude that choked me up. This morning I read a letter my mom wrote me before I had my dd, and I choked up. I've come to the end of myself- this baby just needs to come out. Until then, I'm counting on God's grace.

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