Friday, January 27, 2006

Grace Indeed

Well, I ended my last post crying out for God's grace... and He gave it! Our second daughter entered the world later that same day, January 24th, at 5:45pm. She is 7 lbs and 19 3/4 inches long.

My labor was so crazy and fast- but that is a good thing. When we went to the hospital at 2:30pm I wasn't even sure I was in labor; the contractions were strong but still 8-10 minutes apart. Apparently contractions 10 minutes apart can do the trick just fine, because I was already close to 6cm and 3 hours later the baby was born!

We're so grateful for this precious new gift and pray that her life would be a "melody of grace" and a testimony to God's faithfulness.


nicole said...

yay! she looks so perfect val! congratulations! how is lael with her? and how is she?she sleeping well? happy? grumpy? she is cute! congratulations! wow a mother of TWO!!!

Crystal said...

Congratulations! What a precious little one!! She's beautiful.