Friday, February 10, 2006

Life Change: I no longer can grab everything and go

I'm discovering that life with two children is quite different than life with one. Take yesterday, for example. I went out yesterday morning to a Bible study with the ladies at church. First, I put the baby in her carseat. Next, I put Lael's coat on her. Then I looked around. I had a toddler, a baby in a carseat and a diaper bag to get to the car in frigid weather. What to do next? I momentarily thought of hefting the toddler onto one arm, dangling the carseat from the other and slinging the diaper bag over my shoulder. I envisioned struggling to get the back door locked and the garage door unlocked while carrying everything. I quickly dismissed the idea as I saw myself floundering around and falling down in a heap of children and luggage. So I grabbed the big kid and my keys and took her out to the car. Then I ran back around the house and grabbed the little kid and the diaper bag and ran back out to the car.

When I got to church it was the same but vice versa. I grabbed the little kid, set her inside the door of the church in her carseat, then went back out and grabbed the big kid. I can see my pregnancy pounds melting off of me as I write!


Anonymous said...

Well, down here we worry about leaving kids in the heat more than cold. So once, in the summer, I was doing the "carseat shuffle." Bailey was in the car with the door open, and I was getting Ben and all our stuff. While Bailey was in the car, a bunch of mosquitos attacked her and she got bites ALL OVER. It was so sad. She looked like she had chicken pox!

You're gonna get better at it. And eventually the day comes when all you do is say "Get in the car!" :)

Dennis said...


I'll try to help you not live like a single mom!

You need to update your profile. The little baby you were expecting is here!!

I love you! Happy Valentine's Day, Valentine!